It's Just You

19 oct. 2009 by Nick , under

Take everything from me
you deserve all of me,
since you've gone im all alone.
You made me grow up,
you put me a smile,
you shown me how Is like to live
And I don't want to lose you
Cause your smile makes me shine,
Your love keeps me warm
your kisses send me to heaven
And the way you make my world alright
Makes me want to die,
cause I need you here with me...
And now I'm feeling so sad,
Im feeling I cried enough.
I felt my world crumble down,
and you're not there to hold me.
Im so sorry,
cause I never understood you,
and we were so different
but our heart beats the same.
I'm not needing anything else than you
And the feeling of your body while we were sleeping
Please, dry my tears; cause I can't take it anymore.
You mean everything to me, and baby,
I know I can make it right just to be with you again.
I never wanted to make you sad,
All I ever wanted in my life,
All I dreamed,
Its just you.

Es una chotada, pero vos siempre me decías que querías que te escriban una canción, acá tenés.

1 Responses to “It's Just You”

19 de octubre de 2009, 23:33


Hm, yo creo que por el contexto de todo el ¿texto? xP... Lo hiciste vos, nop?.

Es muy lindo, posta... Muy dulce, requete tierno. :3

Nada más, me gustó xQ.